Martin Lahučký

Project manager
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About me

I am an experienced hacker, I have been to more than six hackathons and lately I have been organizing them independently.

I spent most of my time working as an app developer, creating apps for mobile and desktop. I enjoyed developing applications, but now I design new projects that make sense and help companies with their projects. Learning, improving and sharing experiences are the main values in my event designs.


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How can I help you?

From understanding your requirements, designing a plan, getting the right people for your project to make sure it moves forward and is what you want it to be.


Need help deciding what technology to use or want a general workshop on anything tech related? These events also help build your brand identity and help you sell your product.​

Hackathon Design

Do you constantly need people, or do you have a problem to solve creatively? Then there are hackathons.


Do you have a vision for something extraordinary but more complicated than it looks? Do not worry. I can analyze the project, get the right people and turn your dream into reality.